More than forty years ago Swazi Plastic Industries was the first company to introduce wide width plastic sheeting to control damp and water penetration into buildings.

Over the years it has expanded its product range to include co-extruded and anti termite membranes.

These membranes have the SABS mark and comply with SANS 952.

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Swazi Plastic Industries has been the market leader in the field of Plasticulture for the past quarter of a century.

It was the first company to manufacture agricultural films such as Greenhouse Films, Plastic Mulch, Hydroponic Membranes, Wide Width Silage and a diverse range of other agricultural films.

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The latest addition to the Swazi Plastic Industries range of products is the Durafoil insulation membranes. These membranes are all aluminium foil laminates and conform to the SABS 1381-4 specification covering material for the thermal insulation of buildings, as indicated.
The Durafoil range consists of various laminates, and each product has been specially formulated for a specific insulation application – be it industrial or domestic.

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Swazi Plastic Industries QUALITY

All Swazi Plastic Industries products comply with the national building regulations and are accepted by all municipalities and government departments. Swazi Plastic Industries has one of the most sophisticated and well equipped test laboratories in S.A. to ensure conformance with SABS and ISO standards. The quality of Swazi Plastic Industries products has become a benchmark in the industry.


Swazi Plastic Industries a division of the Gundle Plastics Group of companies was established 1986, with experience of over 34 years in extrusion of wide range of mono and co-extruded low and linear low density polyethylene films and polypropylene strapping and twine. We provide state of the art printing machinery capable of printing up to eight colours of quality flexographic printing on a diverse range of packaging, including side, bottom and spine seal bags punched or micro-perforated packaging. Also including gusseted bags with side and bottom gussets, sheeting for automatic packaging and shrink wrap materials in sleeves, sheeting and shrouds for the Industrial and Consumer packaging markets. Products are manufactured to international standards and distributed in Swaziland, South Africa and Mozambique.

These include mono and multi-layer film, collation film, release shrink film, specialised film, printed polyethylene bags, form fill and seal sheeting, liquid packaging, construction sheeting and agricultural sheeting, polypropylene strapping and twine, packaging tapes, strapping tools and sealing equipment.


Swazi Plastic Industries is FSSC 22000/ISO 22000:2018 certified which is a Food Safety Management System that demonstrates its ability to control food safety hazards in order to ensure that our packaging is safe for food.


Swazi Plastic Industries under the Umbrella of Gundle is afforded the experience and specialised assistance and supply in a wide variety of plastic products both in the construction and agricultural sectors which include:

- Dam lining (Geosynthetic membrane), Pond lining, dam lining, Canal lining and waste management dam lining.
- Construction sheeting (damp proofing membrane). These membranes have the SABS mark and comply with SANS 952 specification.
- Roof insulation sheeting (Durafoil insulation membrane). These membranes are all aluminium foil laminates and conform to the SABS 1381-4 specification covering material for the thermal insulation of buildings, as indicated.
- Pallet wrap, hi-tensile stretch wrap
- Agricultural sheeting, green house sheeting, mulch sheeting, feed wrap, silex sheeting, pallet net etc.


Swazi Plastic Industries and Gundle Plastics Group Manufacturers & Distribution Branches

Gundle (Germiston)

Gundle Germiston is a manufacturer of various forms of low and linear low-density polyethylene flexible films, heavy duty sacks, shrink and stretch hoods used for pallet stabilisation and printed films for the fast moving consumer goods industry. This division is one of the top three suppliers into the heavy duty sacks market, supplying the fertiliser and chemical industries. In the wide width shrink and stretch hood market Gundle has established itself as the market leader, with its main customers being the cement and glass industries for pallet stabilization. Great strides have been made into the fast moving consumer goods market and certain niche products are being successfully used by some of the larger beverage manufacturers. In line with the Group’s commitment to environmental responsibility, Gundle has its own on-site recycling facility. This has enabled Gundle to re-use 100% of the scrap generated in the manufacture of its products.

Gundle API (Springs)

This manufacturing plant extrudes wide-width sheeting for the construction, agricultural and GeoSynthetic membrane markets. Products for the construction market are used mainly for damp and waterproofing as well as roofing insulation. The Gundle brand is widely specified by architects and quantity surveyors. Gundle API is the only local manufacturer that extrudes film wider than 8 meters. Wide-width sheeting in agriculture is used for covering greenhouses, silage and lining farm dams. The Gundle brand name is well known in the farming community and is associated with quality. Gundle API supplies product to most of the major retail Groups. This division continues to develop new, differentiated and improved products. The new high performance co-extruded builders sheeting is capable of meeting the strict SABS standards at thinner microns. A new termite resistant builders sheeting has been developed and patented in 2014 to reduce the total cost of termite control in buildings. The product was officially launched in February 2015. The Gunwoven factory in Tongaat has opened up opportunities in the non-woven polyprop and laminated roofing membrane markets. Gundle API has developed a range of SABS mark bearing insulation products utilizing the non-woven membrane manufactured by Gunwoven. Gundle API manufactures thermoplastic sheeting for use as geomembranes under the SANS 1526:2003 standard, mainly for water storage and canal lining applications, requiring a one or two millimetre thickness and in widths in excess of 6 meters. Gundle API is the only South African manufacturer of these highly specialized membranes.

Gunwoven (Tongaat)

The Gundle Plastics Group acquired the plant in 2010. It is located north of Durban in Tongaat. The factory produces polypropylene non-woven fiber up to 1.6m wide for its sister companies in Jhb. The production capacity is over a million square meters per month of product and accredited by both the SABS and Agreement systems of manufacture, it has a fully equipped laboratory for Q.C. purposes. The success of the company is due in the large part to its dedicated staff, most of whom have been with the company since its inception. Continuous innovation in fire retardant and ultraviolet treated products have put the plant and Gundle at the forefront of the home and Factory Insulation roof sheeting market. Gundle API utilizes the product in their Durafoil and Insububble roof sheeting range and enhances the product by laminating foils and polyethylene to enhance its water vapour and insulation properties.


1. Gundle (Bloemfontein)
2. Gundle (Durban)
3. Gundle Lowveld (Nelspruit)
4. Gundle (Cape Town)